Since their founding in 1936, Mize and Company have been dedicated to quality, their customers and their team.

In 2021, Mize looked to Cella Technologies to help maximize the efficiency of their warehouse operations and stay competitive in the industry.

The Challenge

Despite being a small business, Mize has seen major growth in the last 80 years, evolving from solely distribution to becoming a trusted manufacturer of wire harnesses, custom cables and electrical parts for automotive, industrial and agriculture applications.

While their size has enabled them to scale alongside their customers’ needs, as their operations grew, Mize recognized the need to work smarter and optimize their warehouse management processes, particularly in the area of directed picking.

With a growingly complex inventory, Mize was looking to optimize the raw materials stored in their warehouse.

Britt Rottering, Purchase Manager at Mize, compared the process to shopping at a grocery store. “If there’s a box of 100 parts, we may only need to pick one part, but each individual part we have doesn’t have its own serial number.”

How We Helped

With Cella’s advanced Warehouse Management system, Mize was able to do more with less, leveraging the technology to optimize their warehouse operations and maximize productivity.

Cella’s experts worked in partnership with Mize to understand their processes and challenges to develop and deploy intuitive solutions for their directed picking. This included thorough training sessions to help the Mize team master the system and easily onboard future employees.

There may be other people that can do the software and make something work, but it's tough to find someone that will listen to you. With Cella, it's a partnership.

Britt RotteringVP of Purchasing

Warehouse Management in Action

Cella equipped Mize with the tools, technology and training they needed to work better, faster and more accurately.

“The biggest thing I see is the accuracy – that’s the biggest gain,” says Britt, “When you have a scanner in your hand and can go to a shelf and scan a code.”

With Cella Technology in-hand, Mize has fast-tracked their directed picking, enabling their team to spend less time managing their warehouse operations and more time serving their customers.

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