BETA Technologies is creating a sustainable future for aviation that is safe, reliable and efficient by developing a robust, multimodal charging infrastructure and all-electric electric aircraft, including a fixed-wing and eVTOL design.

To support their pragmatic approach to forging the future of aviation, BETA Technologies looked to Cella Technologies to streamline their warehouse operations while accounting for the complexities of aerospace manufacturing.

Our cultures are similar – small agile teams that get things done, so it was a natural fit. The value the WMS and the support the Cella team provides for the available budget was significantly greater than other WMS options we considered.

Greg Beshore@ Beta Technologies

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Cella Warehouse Management, BETA Technologies didn’t have a system directed process for picking or put-away. “All activity was manually assigned based on report results and data queries to understand where materials were located,” says Greg Beshore, Beta Technologies. 

To improve their processes, BETA wanted to ensure all the activities in their warehouse were system driven to reduce the risk of human error, drive optimization in line with business goals, and enable material handlers to be effective on day one. 

How We Helped

Integrating with Plex, Cella Warehouse Management enabled BETA’s material handlers to operate independently from inventory control or scheduling’s manual assignment of tasks. “This freed up bandwidth and empowered material handlers,” says Greg. 

Now by picking according to job specific demands and safety stock replenishment, BETA’s material handlers can ensure that manufacturing work centers are replenished to support demands and safety stock levels, while not leading to overstocking.

Warehouse Management in Action

The directed task functionality was the key capability Cella Warehouse Management provided that the BETA team was missing in organic ERP functionality.  

“All ERP’s have trade-offs in functionality; BETA chose Plex for its traceability capabilities which are outstanding, but there were opportunities to improve material handling and warehouse management,” says Greg. 

“The Cella team has a deep understanding of Plex and designed Cella’s warehouse management system (WMS) to solve some of Plex’s blindspots in warehouse material management.
Greg says BETA was impressed by the level of attention that the Cella team provided during demo reviews – and with how well their teams meshed. 

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