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Request Management

Stop wasting time and money waiting for parts.

Get material to the line faster by connecting your material handlers to their operators.

Don’t Waste Time Waiting.

Achieve real-time insight into all material handling activity while experiencing a 25%-75% reduction in downtime waiting for parts.


Improved Efficiency.

Reduce waiting time: Cella Request Management drastically reduces operators’ waiting time for material, minimizing machine idle time and maximizing productivity. Operators can connect directly with the material handling team to receive material promptly, ensuring smooth operations.

Ease of Use.

Cella Request Management simplifies the process of training new material handlers, enabling them to quickly become effective with just a mobile device and a facility map. Easily locate containers in First-In, First-Out (FIFO) order using the mobile device, overcoming labor market challenges.

Real-Time Tracking.

Gain real-time visibility into material handling activity, empowering decision-making and optimization of your team. React promptly to address areas that require assistance, ensuring efficient operations on the shop floor.

Data-driven Analytics.

Leverage data and analytics provided by Cella Request Management to understand material handling team efficiency, deploy resources effectively, and reduce downtime waiting for parts. Plus, ensure compliance enforcement and tracking for improved operational control.

Immediate ROI.

Cella Request Management delivers immediate returns on investment. By enhancing communication, reducing downtime, and optimizing material handling deployment, you can expect increased efficiency and productivity on your shop floor from day one.

Machine Automation.

Embrace the power of automation and enable your smart factory floor by automating material requests with Cella Request Management’s robust API layer. Machines can now autonomously call for parts based on predefined cycle times, minimizing manual intervention and further enhancing operational efficiency.

What do Cella customers have to say?

Request Management is an amazing tool for our production teams – they previously relied on tribal knowledge of how often parts were needed at workcenters, Now they know exactly who needs what, when, and where. Not to mention, having the data to show who are high performers are and who are low performers are when it comes to forklift supporting production has helped immensely.

Lindsey PotterMaterial Planning and Logistics Manager, Challenge Manufacturing

Our material handlers were wasting too much time trying to understand what they should do next and our operators were frustrated by slow response times to pages for material. With Cella's Request Management the material handlers know exactly what they need to do next at all times and downtime due to running out of material line side has been significantly reduced.

Jason HendrixNetwork Administrator, Vantage Plastics

Request Management | FAQs

Can Cella Request Management integrate with our existing manufacturing software and systems?

Absolutely! Cella Request Management is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current manufacturing software and systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and maximizing the efficiency of your operations.

How does Cella Request Management reduce downtime waiting for material?

Cella Request Management connects operators directly to the material handling team, enabling them to request and receive material in real-time. By streamlining communication and eliminating delays, Cella Request Management significantly reduces downtime, allowing your operators to keep machines running and production flowing smoothly.

Is Cella Request Management compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely! Cella Request Management is designed to be mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any mobile device with internet connectivity. Whether your operators are using smartphones or tablets, they can easily submit requests, track material status, and communicate with the material handling team on the go.

What kind of data and analytics does Cella Request Management provide?

Cella Request Management provides real-time data and analytics on material handling team efficiency and performance. Gain valuable insights into response times, material demand, compliance enforcement and more, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize resource allocation.

How quickly can we expect to see a return on investment (ROI) with Cella Request Management?

You can expect to see an immediate ROI with Cella Request Management. By reducing downtime waiting for material, increasing communication on the shop

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