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Dock Management

Modernize Your Dock with a Seamless Driver Sign-In Solution

Eliminate dock retention fees and digitally transform the driver sign-in process.

Optimize your shipping & receiving processes and remove the headache of arguing with dispatch.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to a digital revolution that simplifies the driver sign-in process while eliminating dock retention fees.

Easy to implement.

Ditch the paper and pencil bring your dock into the 21st century with an easy-to-implement sign-in solution for drivers that’s compatible on any Android OS tablet.  

Easy to use.

Fast-track implementation with an intuitive platform that walks drivers through the sign-in process with little to no training. Plus, Driver Sign-In remembers drivers and auto-populates information after a single sign-in, making it a no-brainer for busy docks.

Easy to validate.

Spend less time arguing with dispatch with real-time insight into dock timing and proof of how long a truck took to load/unload. Precisely monitor loading and departure times, ensuring accurate compliance with time limits, enabling proper prioritization and eliminating dock retention fees.

Dock Management in Action

Challenge Manufacturing, a rapidly growing company, recognized the crucial need for efficient dock management to optimize truck loading and eliminate retention fees. By implementing Cella’s dock management system, they now monitor loading and departure times with precision, ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.
  1. Driver arrives & signs in on tablet– Name 
    – Route 
    – Carrier
  2. Driver is assigned a dock
  3. Once they back-in, a timer begins 
  4. When they leave, the time stops – automatically capturing a digital record

Dock log is a great way for us to ensure that we are protected from unjustified detention costs from carriers and suppliers, but also for us to use to measure and monitor our team on the docks. Historically we had no way of knowing if the team was meeting expectations besides a gut feeling of them doing a good job – now we have data to use to drive improvement and reward our high performers.

Lindsey PotterMaterial Planning and Logistics Manager, Challenge Manufacturing

Dock Management | FAQs

Can the dock management system integrate with our existing software and systems?

Yes, the dock management system is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing software and systems. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration that maximizes the efficiency of your dock management operations.

Does the dock management system provide analytics or reports on loading and departure times?

Absolutely! The dock management system provides comprehensive analytics and detailed reports on loading and departure times. By capturing real-time data and leveraging advanced tracking technologies, you can gain valuable insights into the efficiency and performance of your dock operations.

Can the dock management system help us with compliance and regulatory requirements?

Absolutely! Our dock management system is designed to help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements. By accurately tracking and documenting loading and departure times, you can ensure compliance with regulations and avoid penalties. The system also provides audit trails and detailed reports, which can be invaluable during compliance audits.

Are these solutions available individually or just as a suite?

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