CIE Golde, part of the CIE Automotive Group, manufactures automotive sunroofs and automatic roof systems, supplying all the major European automakers.

The Challenge

Like many manufacturers, the CIE Golde process of material handling was limited to a reactive “go-see” approach to keep operations supplied and the line running.

Material handlers/tugger drivers visually checked inventory as they made their rounds, noting – on paper – low inventory levels for resupply. Some inventory part numbers contained as many as 75 digits, making the manual paper process not only time consuming, but often inaccurate.

Once low inventory levels were identified, it was up to the tugger driver – using this manual paper-based process – to find the material in the warehouse. This process frequently led to disruptions, delays, and even operational shutdowns, as operators waited for materials, and material handlers searched the warehouse.

The human factor in the process was failing.

How We Helped

In 2020, the go-see, paper-based system of material handling that often led to confusion, delays and – in the worst case – shutdowns, was replaced with Cella Technologies’ Request Management, the technology that connects material handling directly to the needs of operations.

“We wanted to upgrade to a technology that removed the human error factor,” “Our increasing volume of production, expanded range of parts and number of people involved needed an automated system,” says Logistics CI Leader Ivana Durandet.

Cella Request Management makes all material moving simple. We know when it is requested and when it is delivered – no delays. There was no complicated training. It was quick, effective, and cost-efficient to implement. Request Management is simple and intuitive for users. It’s just a matter of practice.

Ivana DurandetLogistics CI Leader

Request Management in Action

Through Cella, CIE now has visibility into when material was requested and when it was delivered. The Materials team can easily search for the best inventory in the warehouse and has eliminated the unnecessary delays, increasing efficiency for both materials team and production.

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