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Manufacturing is who we are. 

Our Founders

Jason Prater

Co-Founder & CEO

With more than 15 years in the manufacturing SaaS industry, Jason Prater co-founded Cella to build software for manufacturers that make a positive impact on the shop floor.

Jason set out with a goal of solving the small struggles that happen hundreds of times a day, focusing first on inventory management and empowering businesses to make the transition to a serialized inventory management system.

Martin Black

Co-Founder & Go-to-Market Leader

With a career rooted in manufacturing technology and innovation, co-founder Martin Black is committed to bringing new levels of productivity to manufacturers around the globe.

Martin is dedicated to the success of Cella’s customers and is passionate about building the best possible team to define the future of Warehouse Management.

Our People

Cella is composed of experienced manufacturing professionals and innovators who share one goal, solving your problems. We approach all of our projects with a people first mentality and we are proud to continually have our team recognized as ‘difference makers’ when it comes to implementation and support. Working with Cella is more than just logging into a WMS, it’s knowing that you have an entire support team behind you and your manufacturing & warehouse goals. 

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to make an impact in warehouses across the globe check out our open positions here.

Our Solutions

In order to keep up with ever changing supply chain demands you need to trust that your warehouse is one step ahead. Cella is committed to delivering the latest in warehouse and material management technology so your team always has what they need at their fingertips, from associate functionality on their mobile device to analytics for data driven decision making. Partnering with Cella means that no matter what, you know that your WMS has your back and lets you focus on what you do best.

For more information on our solutions click here.

Our Partners

We partner with industry leading software, service and hardware organizations so no matter the problem, our network will be able to get your team up and running with the correct tools. Our partners include Rockwell Automation, Plex Systems, Control+M, Cumulus Consulting, Revolution Group, Keyence and more. 

For more information on our partners or if you are interested in our partnership program please fill out a contact us form here.

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